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current location: Home News Company Dynamics The blade is still young. 6000W-8000W intelligent cutting head
The blade is still young. 6000W-8000W intelligent cutting head

Company Dynamics| 2022-08-19|大族光聚

The blade is still sharp6000W-8000WIntelligent cutting head

[Servo focusing] [Precision control][Water cooling system] [Continuous stability]


sixAnnual application verification

Take the lead in independent research and development in China

6000-8000WIntelligent cutting head

Existing market applicationstwo000More than

Cooperative enterprises exceedfive0home

oneChoice of cost performance of dual terminals

Flat cut:Maximize sheet metal processing efficiency

Capacitor tip:Dealing with complex workpieces and narrow machining environment


More than independent selectioneightCustomized solutions


There is a secret script of "Treasure Sabre Never Dies"

Multiple protection, double security

The beam expanding upper protective film and focusing lower protective film are provided to prevent pollutants from attaching to the lens,Drawer type protection components, quick and convenient replacement

Specialized researchSplit cavityIsolation mode

Higher sealing performance of the whole machine, effectively prolonging the service life of optical components

Autonomous core optics

Optical diffraction limit design,Good beam quality, small scattering, low heating, and many patents

Multiple sensor sensing functions

It integrates the following, side impact, temperature control and other functions,Monitor the working temperature of the sensor to effectively avoid the collision caused by the plate warping

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