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In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the consumer electronics market, the electronics manufacturing industry has also put forward higher requirements for products. Traditional processing methods tend to lead to unstable product quality, parts melting, difficulty in forming normal nuggets, and low yield. The appearance of laser processing technology can quickly solve these problems for electronic product manufacturers. In the production process of high-end electronic products, laser processing has played a significant role in the volume optimization and quality improvement of products, making products lighter, thinner and more stable. It is reported that about 70% of electronic product processing and manufacturing links are applied to laser technology (more than 20 different processes) and related manufacturing equipment.

At present, laser precision spot welding is mainly applied to the shell, shield, USB connector, conductive patch, etc. of electronic products. It has the advantages of small thermal deformation, precise and controllable action area and position, high welding quality, heterogeneous material welding, easy automation, etc. However, different welding methods are required when welding different materials.

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