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In recent years, the continuous development and improvement of laser processing technology is promoting the reform in the fields of sheet metal processing, hardware cabinets, household products, etc. As one of the most commonly used application technologies in laser processing, laser cutting has become a modern "sword" of "cutting iron like mud" with its advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision, less secondary processing, etc. In the fashionable stage of modern industrial style, metal furniture and furniture accessories have won the favor of users and furniture manufacturers and entered the mainstream market due to their high durability, free shaping, simplicity and beauty. Metal furniture has a high requirement for the quality of batch cutting of high anti material of metal cutting section, and also faces various problems in the production process of metal furniture. Laser cutting can not only ensure the precision of metal processing, but also realize the rapid and stable metal processing products. It can solve the problems of many processes, slow speed, high loss, etc. in traditional processing. The exquisite cutting and hollowing techniques are integrated into the original cold metal materials.

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