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Nowadays, the automobile manufacturing industry is constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new to meet the high-end pursuit and meet the needs of the masses. Laser cutting technology is mainly used for automobile parts, automobile body, roof cover, door, trunk, etc. Among them, the laser cutting technology for automobile parts is particularly precise, especially for important parts such as engines, because it is related to the stability and power performance of automobiles. The precision laser cutting method can effectively improve the accuracy of all engine parts, bringing a revolutionary breakthrough for the development of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Han's photopolymerization cutting head has unique advantages in the processing of automobile parts, such as the design and manufacturing of automobile body, which greatly reduces the cost of mold development. It is mainly used to develop new models, online cutting, and the production of deformation vehicles, such as cutting sample vehicle parts, cutting holes and trimming of body panels, cutting steering wheel holes, body windshields, roof cover bracket holes, airbag components, hydraulic forming components, etc.

Three dimensional laser cutting technology is a non-contact cutting process that applies laser cutting technology to three-dimensional workpiece. The moving track of the laser head is a spatial curve. Under normal circumstances, a set of molds can only be used for one process of one workpiece, while 3D laser cutting can be used for any process of any workpiece. 3D laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility. When the workpiece product changes, such as changes in curved surfaces, trimming and holes, it is only necessary to change the offline program of laser cutting. Because the fixture used is relatively simple, it is also convenient to change the fixture. Compared with other cutting methods, 3D laser cutting has the advantages of high efficiency, good accuracy, less pollution, low labor intensity and cost saving. Because 3D laser cutting has the above advantages, it is widely used in the automobile industry. The sheet metal covering parts of automobile parts include machine covers, back cover boxes, water tank racks, bumpers, leaf plates, doors, as well as the ingot beams of chassis parts, control arms, rear axles, etc., which often require 3D cutting, including trimming and punching.

Laser welding technology, as an advanced optical electromechanical integration welding technology, has advantages of high energy density, fast welding speed, small welding stress and deformation, and good flexibility compared with traditional automobile welding technology. For example, the structure of automobile body is complex. The body parts are mainly thin-walled and curved components. The welding process of automobile body is faced with welding difficulties such as changes in body materials, different thicknesses of body parts, diversified welding tracks and joint forms. At the same time, there are high requirements for welding quality and welding efficiency. By exploring appropriate welding process parameters, laser welding can ensure the high fatigue strength and impact toughness of the key parts of the automobile, thus ensuring the welding quality and service life of the vehicle body, and meeting the increasing demand for safety performance of the automobile; Laser welding technology can adapt to the welding of automobile body parts with different joint forms, different thicknesses and different material types, and meet the flexible requirements of automobile body manufacturing process. Therefore, laser welding technology is an important technical means to achieve high-quality development of automobile industry.

Han's photopolymer welding joints are widely used in automatic assembly of engine transmission, laser welding of automobile tire pressure monitoring sensors, electric seats, door cover wires, fuel injection pipes, differential gears, automobile steering shafts, cylinder gaskets, sensor platinum resistance and other subdivisions. The welding head is widely used in automatic assembly of engine gearbox, laser welding of automobile tire pressure monitoring sensor, electric seat, door cover wire, fuel injection pipe, differential gear, automobile steering shaft, cylinder gasket, sensor platinum resistance and other subdivided fields.

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