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Steel structure buildings play an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry and digesting the excess capacity of steel. The entire steel structure industry chain is very large, and the steel structure manufacturing link refers to the process of finishing steel plates, sections, etc., mainly including the initial blanking, assembly, welding, assembly, rust removal and other processes. Steel structure product manufacturers process steel plates, profiles and other steel parts into steel columns, steel beams and other finished products according to the engineering design requirements for future installation, and finally form a beautiful architectural structure with high-rise, deep span and other functions.

Steel structure buildings have become a landscape with full sense of design in modern urban space, which is inseparable from the continuous breakthrough and deep participation of processing technology represented by laser cutting technology. The modern laser cutting process uses non-contact processing method to rapidly cut steel structure raw materials. Through computer intelligent control, just input the processing parameters into the computer to cut, punch, groove and other processes on the workpiece, realizing one-time processing and molding. The whole processing process is fast and efficient, without too much manual intervention. Laser processing has the function of automatic optimization of typesetting, maximizing the use of raw materials of the workpiece, saving materials and reducing waste. The cutting surface of steel structure cut by laser is smooth and clean without burr, slag and secondary grinding, which greatly shortens the production process.

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