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The traditional processing of kitchen appliances is mostly formed by multiple processes of plate shears, punches, plasma cutting machines and other equipment. This processing method has low working efficiency, large consumption of mold and materials, and high use cost. For example, stainless steel blanking requires various special-shaped holes and cutting curve blades, the punch cannot process holes of any shape, the plasma cutting cannot meet the requirements of blanking accuracy and other factors, resulting in outdated processing equipment, which not only depends on the technical level of the scriber and the sheet metal blanking technician, but also consumes manpower, material resources and time, resulting in high production costs. Laser cutting not only has fast processing speed, high efficiency and low cost, but also does not require mold or tool change, which shortens the preparation time cycle. The laser beam transposition time is short, and it is easy to complete continuous processing. The most important point is that laser cutting has high cutting accuracy, smooth section and no stress deformation, which saves the secondary processing process of kitchen utensils and sheet metal, improves the yield of kitchen utensils and equipment, truly and effectively improves product quality and production cycle, saves more costs for enterprises, and ensures the price advantage of products.

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