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As one of the most advanced manufacturing and processing technologies in the world, laser technology plays an important role in promoting the rapid development of China's aerospace industry. With the rapid development of aerospace industry, the requirements for product quality and quality are increasingly strict. In the manufacturing process, many parts that need to be cut and welded include: engine flame tube, engine casing, fuselage frame, tail wing wall panel, honeycomb structure, etc. Many parts are made of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature resistant alloy and other special alloys, with complex structure and shape and high precision requirements. These parts have strict requirements for cutting and welding contact surfaces.

Laser welding is the most widely used technology in aerospace field, because laser welding has unique advantages compared with other traditional welding methods. It has high energy density, small focal spot diameter, small heat affected zone and material deformation, and can weld different material combinations without subsequent processing. It can weld dissimilar or homogeneous metal materials with high melting point and high thermal conductivity, which have large differences in physical properties, and has high flexibility. It is not limited by space and environment, and can realize automatic welding with fast welding speed. Therefore, it has been widely used in aerospace devices.

As an advanced scientific and technological achievement, laser cutting has the characteristics of higher cutting accuracy, lower surface roughness, more flexible cutting methods and higher production efficiency. The use of laser cutting technology can solve the processing problems of a number of parts and components, effectively promote the development of aviation vehicles towards high-performance, lightweight, long life, short cycle, low cost, etc., and help the development of aviation industry.

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