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In the application of sheet metal cutting, cutting equipment mainly includes punch, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high-pressure water cutting, laser cutting, etc. Sheet metal cutting has a wide range of applications, such as heavy machinery, ships, clothing, glass and other industries. Cutting, punching and bending are traditional methods of sheet metal processing. In the process of processing, these methods cannot be separated from the mold, and hundreds of molds are often assembled in the process of processing. The widespread use of molds not only increases the time cost and capital cost of products, but also reduces the precision of product processing, affects the repeatability of products, and is not conducive to changes in the production process. This is not conducive to improving production efficiency. Using laser processing technology can save a large number of molds in the production process, shorten the production time, reduce production costs, and improve product accuracy. Laser cutting of stamping parts can also ensure the accuracy of die design. Culling is a previous painting process, and its size is usually modified. The size of blanking die can be determined more accurately through trial production of laser cutting blanking parts, which is the basis of mass production of sheet metal processing.

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