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Han's photopolymerization: RC212 groove cutting head was shortlisted for the 5th Red Light Award

Company Dynamics| 2022-08-19|大族光聚

Company Profile

Shenzhen Han's Photopolymer Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Han's Photopolymer"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Han's Laser, is the first manufacturer in China's laser industry to develop high-power optical fiber focusing heads. Since 2010, it has been committed to developing more than 30 types of full series laser heads, including standard cutting heads, groove cutting heads, welding heads and three-dimensional five axis heads. Among them, groove cutting head and three-dimensional five axis head break the foreign technology monopoly and help the transformation and upgrading of national industrial intelligence. The product has full functions, strong performance and many choices, which can meet different processing needs in many fields and match various types of lasers at home and abroad.

Recently, Han's Guangju RC212 groove cutting head was shortlisted for the 5th "Red Light Award" Laser Processing Head Innovation Award.


Shortlisted products


▲ RC212 groove cutting head

Declare awards

"Red Light Award" 2022 laser processing head innovation award

Product features

Han's Guangju laid out in the pipe cutting industry in advance, developed groove cutting head, with mature development technology, strong pertinence, and overcame a number of technical difficulties. It has the following advantages in industrial application:

Head itself± 135 ° swing can be achievedIt reduces the dependence on auxiliary tooling, greatly reduces the user's use cost, and is widely praised;


The groove cutting head forms the fourth axis of the machine tool by integrating a high-precision rotary axis in the equipment. ApplicableFive axis linkage functionTo achieve high-precision groove cutting of profiles and solve the common problems of difficult groove cutting and poor precision in the industry;


ImplementedAutomatic control technology of optical pathKeep the optimal distance between the focus and the cutting workpiece, and the cutting section quality is good, without secondary grinding;


useTerminal capacitance sensorEnsure a safe distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece to avoid collision;


haveCollision protection functionQuick reset after collision to reduce repair and dimming after collision;


Strict optical path sealing, with various applicationsSealing technologyThe internal optical path is clean to effectively avoid air leakage;


OptimizedCutting air shapingThe cutting section quality is higher and the cutting speed is faster.


Product innovation

In the automobile industry, engineering machinery, sports equipment, oil pipeline and other production and manufacturing processes, in order to achieve high splicing and welding accuracy of two profiles, various profiles such as pipes, square tubes, channel steels, etc. need to be beveled. Traditional processing methods such as flame, plasma, mechanical sawing and other methods have poor cutting accuracy and low processing efficiency. With the development of groove cutting head, laser cutting can be better used in groove cutting.

RC212 groove cutting head adopts a unique torque motor drive shaft structure and a high-precision grating testing system, which makes the cutting speed faster and the cutting accuracy higher; Focusing mode driven by motor is adopted for more precise focus control; The water-cooling structure of each lens greatly improves the service life and cutting stability of the lens.

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