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Enterprise introduction
Shenzhen Han's Focus Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Han's Focus"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Han's Laser, is a manufacturer of optical fiber focusing heads in China's laser industry, and has applied for more than 100 special projects. Han's Photofocus has been committed to developing more than 30 kinds of laser heads of various varieties and full series, including standard cutting head, groove cutting head, welding head and 3D head. The product has full functions and multiple choices, and can match various types of lasers in the industry. Among them, the number of beveled hair cutting machines has increased year by year, breaking the foreign pressure. In 2018, the documentary "Big Power Heavy Equipment II" gave a special report, praising Han's laser mastering laser head technology and helping the transformation of national industry. Representative products include 15kW-20kW high-power automatic focusing optical fiber cutting head/6kW-8kW high-power automatic focusing optical fiber laser cutting head/high-power welding head/thermoforming three-dimensional head. The whole series of products are widely used in plate cutting, pipe cutting, three-dimensional pieces, special-shaped material cutting and metal plate welding. Our company adopts strict process flow, strives for perfection, combines ISO9001, ISO14001, EU CE certificates and relevant standards to carry out the research, development, manufacturing and supporting application of laser head products. There are more than 500 test performance indicators and parameters related to the products, which have gone through more than 200 processes, covering more than 40 performance tests and more than 60 quality inspection links. The assembly of main components and the whole machine is completed in the precision dust-free workshop. Han's Guangju has four service points in South China, East China, North China, and Central and Southwest China, and has set up offices and laser head storage in Shenzhen, Jinan, Wuhan, and Suzhou respectively to provide users with perfect pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services.
Honors and qualifications
development history
development path
Set up a product center for researching and developing functional components of optical fiber laser head
FCH10 first generation fiber laser cutting head R&D (the first high-power fiber cutting head in China) first generation welding head R&D first generation three-dimensional five axis cutting head R&D
First generation cutting head mass production generator (more than 1000 classic product generators) FWH10 first generation welding head mass production generator
FCH20 cutting head power increase FHCH20 welding head power increase
AFCH20 first generation automatic focusing cutting head mass production generator MZ10 first generation ZOOM cutting head successfully developed
HAFCH60/80 6kw-8KW mass generator swing welding joint successfully developed, 3D five axis successfully developed, won the CCTV's "Heavy Equipment of a Big Country"
The laser head has broken through the 10000 watt 10KW-15KW cutting head, and successfully developed the laser intelligent monitoring application
First 2W watt cutting head in China High power swing welding head Groove cutting head
All products sold externally HAFCH150/200MW cutting head mass production generator MZ 10000MW ZOMM cutting head successfully developed
To be continued in 2022
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company Album
Statement: The appearance, parameters, performance description, comparison data, etc. of the products displayed on this website are all from the testing and experiments of the company's own products in the internal laboratory of Han's Photopolymer, which are for reference only, and the actual products shall prevail.


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